Whole Spiritual Life – How to Assemble a Complete Spiritual Life


rainbowA strong spiritual house can’t be built on one single cornerstone. We need, at minimum, four pillars for a good spiritual life, with every piece firmly anchored in truth and righteousness. This article will describe the four essential pillars.

1. A strong spiritual support system

To live a spiritual life, we need support. Many people associate spirituality with retreat and prayerful solitude, but as a general pattern, the avoidance of human relationships is spiritually unhealthy. Social experience represents a crucial part of spiritual development, for the following reasons:

Loving is a PRACTICE and RESPONSIBILITY, not merely an EFFECT, of spiritual life. Heaven is no refuge for those who don’t love on earth. The practice of love is not a mental exercise relative to a distant deity; loving must be practiced with real people. We advance spiritually as we exercise our capacity to consistently love and intimately serve fellow human beings.

Friendly feedback is divine course correction. Growth partners — friends who support each other, and keep each other on track with good goals — are indispensable to spiritual life. Life’s greatest reflections and most valuable lessons come from PEOPLE.

Intimacy can be not only challenging but also profoundly reassuring. Have you ever suffered a problem for a long time, only to find relief when you finally talked to somebody about it? God uses our friends to convey His “stamp of approval.”

The energy of relationship kindles life and boosts awareness. Spiritual realization results from advances from one energy level to another. That’s why the energy of interaction can accelerate personal transformation. It is a mysterious fact that when it comes to energy, one and one makes four. Each individual is but one pole of a cosmic battery whose potential is released only through interpersonal connections — between you and your mate, you and your friends, or you and your world.

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